Interesting facts about Brunei

Brunei is a tiny state located in Southeast Asia. For most people, the word “Brunei” is associated only with the untold wealth of the Brunei Sultan, who is recognized as the richest man in the world. However, this distant and mysterious country conceals in itself much more interesting than it may seem at first glance.

In Brunei, the monarchy is still alive – the country is ruled by the Sultan. Yes, he is really as rich as he is told about.

The full name of the country is Brunei Darussalam, which in Malay means “abode of peace.”

The territory of Brunei is divided in two by a strip of land belonging to Malaysia.

Independence from England was acquired by Brunei only in 1984, and in 1964 it was almost never included in the composition of Malaysia.

In Brunei there is only one political party. Of course, monarchical sense.

The overwhelming majority of members of the Brunei government are relatives of the Sultan.

The role of personal protection of the Sultan, as well as the most important facilities, is performed by veterans of the British Army.

Since 2014, the laws of Sharia have come into force in Brunei.

The economy of Brunei is tied to the extraction of oil and gas – this provides about nine-tenths of the total income of the Brunei budget.

As for the sport, in Brunei the most popular are its types, that at the time came from the UK – football, tennis, squash, badminton and golf.

Officially in Brunei, only three state holidays are not associated with religion. One of them is the birthday of the Sultan.

The importation of alcohol into Brunei has been banned since 1991 by a personal decree of the Sultan.

In Brunei it is forbidden to celebrate Christmas publicly, one of the main holidays in many Christian denominations. However, Christians in the country have more than 10% of the total population.

The public transportation system in Brunei is in its infancy, since almost every Brunei has its own car.

For the whole of history, Brunei spent a little less than a hundred years under the yoke of Britain as a dependent colony.

The Sultan belongs to a dynasty that has been ruling Brunei for more than six centuries.

Despite the fact that Brunei is not a poor country, Asian culinary traditions are strong here, so the basis of the local cuisine is rice. And most often fresh.