Interesting facts about Cameroon

What is Cameroon? It is a small country in West Africa, nothing particularly noteworthy. On the world stage Cameroon does not stand out, and tourists do not go here, except for especially brave lovers of safari, ready for the beauty of nature to climb to the most remote corners of the planet. About Cameroon little is known, but we have collected for you a small selection of facts about this country.

Cameroon is a very poor country, despite the fact that its minerals are rich in minerals, including gas and oil.

Almost half of the territory of Cameroon is occupied by forests.

Such nationality as “Cameroonians” does not exist in nature – more than 250 different peoples live here.

The wettest place in Africa is located on the territory of Cameroon.

Translated from the Portuguese language, “Cameroon” means “shrimp river”. The name comes from the event associated with the discovery of these lands by Portuguese mariners – pioneers surprised by the huge amount of shrimp in the waters of the river, where the flotilla entered.

Outside cities, in villages, the inhabitants of this country still lead a virtually primitive lifestyle.

The average life expectancy in Cameroon is only slightly more than 50 years.

The official languages ​​of Cameroon are English and French, but a fair share of the population in these languages ​​does not speak at all.

More than a thousand species of birds live on the Cameroonian lands.