Interesting facts about coriander

Coriander is a spice that is found in almost every kitchen, at least in the countries of the former USSR. But most of us do not even think about what it is and where it comes from. But coriander is an interesting plant, and you can say a few words about it.

Russia ranks first in the world in exporting coriander, surpassing even the world’s spice supplier – India.

Coriander came to Central and Western Europe thanks to the Romans. On the territory of Great Britain, this plant spread after the conquest of these lands by the Roman legions. In the XVI-XVII centuries. coriander thanks to the colonists came to America, Australia and even New Zealand.

Coriander in the aggregate state of “fresh greens” is often called cilantro.

Coriander is considered an excellent honey.

This plant has become widespread not only in cooking, but also in other areas: pharmacology and medicine.

Coriander has long been successfully used for the treatment of scurvy, and has also been actively used as an analgesic and healing agent.

Botanists refer coriander to weed plants because of the extreme vitality of the seeds and the high capacity for self-seeding.