Interesting facts about Denmark

The Danish kingdom is often called the pearl of the Scandinavian Peninsula. Although the country is miniature, the true culture and history are preserved here, which fully reveal this magical place. However, no one knows that during a large number of studies, in particular, at the University of Leicester, scientists have proved that it is the Danes who are the happiest people in the world.

The oldest library in Scandinavia is in Copenhagen. It was created in 1673 and preserves more than 500 thousand volumes and 20 thousand manuscripts, including those written in Sanskrit, in Pali and in Sinhalese.

The flag of Denmark is the oldest active flag on the whole Earth, since it was created in the beginning of the XIII century (see interesting facts about the flags).

The famous “Disneyland” was created on the basis of the ancient park “Tivoli” (in Copenhagen) after Walt Disney visited this place.

An interesting fact is that Denmark does not increase the term of imprisonment for escaping from prison. Danes believe that the desire for freedom is a natural desire of any person, and for him you can not punish.

Denmark is the first country in Europe to legitimize same-sex marriages.

The famous Faroe Islands passed into possession of Denmark after the King of Denmark won them poker from the king of neighboring Norway.

It is Denmark that has the longest street for pedestrians (an extent of 1800 meters), which is called Stroget. It is considered to be the first pedestrian zone in the world.

It was in Denmark, for the first time in the world, fingerprints at the crime scene began to be considered as evidence.

Hans Christian Andersen is the most popular Danish writer.

Bicycle is the favorite and most convenient transport in Denmark, besides in Copenhagen bike rental is completely free. Just like in the Netherlands.

Speaking about transport, you should remember the buses of this beautiful country. Danish buses can, if necessary, bend at stops to the right to facilitate the landing of disabled people, women with wheelchairs and old people.

If you are going on vacation in Denmark, then remember that the climate in the country is also not very familiar to us, as the temperature is 10 years, maximum 20 degrees all year round. Therefore, store warm clothing and hot tea.

Almost at all bus stops, or in public transport, you can take newspapers daily, which are released for free.

One of the features of Denmark is its baking. She even created a certain subculture, however, despite the ardent love for sweets, the majority of the population here leads a healthy lifestyle.

One of the most famous inventions of Denmark since its foundation is the designer for children “Lego”.