Interesting facts about Gambia

How much do you know about a country like the Gambia? Hardly, because few people are interested in this small African state. Many people do not even know the names – the Gambia … Nevertheless, this corner of our planet is quite an interesting place, rich not only with natural resources, but also with a cultural and historical heritage.

The Gambia is the smallest country on the African continent.

Since 2015, the Gambia has been declared the President of this country by the Islamic Republic.

The Gambian money is called “dalasi,” one dalasi is divided into one hundred trampolines.

In the Gambia there are no mountains, the highest point of the country is at an altitude of 60 meters above sea level.

The Gambia received its name thanks to the river of the same name running along its territory.

The climate in the Gambia is one of the most favorable among all African states.

The official language of the Gambia is English, but in fact there are many local languages ​​and dialects in use.

The Gambian Armed Forces took part in the Second World War.

The basis of the Gambian economy is the export of peanuts.

The first tourists visited Gambia only in 1965.

In the entire Gambia there is only one single traffic light, and then installed a few dozen years ago. A kind of local landmark.

Despite the fact that in fact the Gambia occupies the territory on both banks of the same river, there is not a single bridge across this river.

There are no railways in the Gambia either.

In the Gambia, as in Russia, on May 1, Labor Day is celebrated.

Education in the Gambia is free, but not compulsory. The consequence of this is the fact that about half of the adult Gambians are still illiterate.

The coat of arms of the Gambia depicts two lions holding a hoe and an ax.

One of the main Gambian attractions is a crocodile farm located in the suburbs of the capital.

There are as many as two universities in the Gambia.