Interesting facts about Latvia

Latvia is a small Baltic country, not rich in natural resources, but generously endowed with a rich history. And let Latvia, as a state, exists not so long ago – at the land on which this country is located, there is an invaluable and immensely interesting culture.

The flag of Latvia is often confused with the flag of Austria – it differs from the latter only in that the red color of the Latvian flag is somewhat darker than that of the Austrian flag. At the same time, the flag of Latvia is one of the oldest in the world – its first mention dates back as far back as the 13th century.

Amber here come from all over the world (often from China, visitors from this country buy amber for production in whole lots). Interestingly, amber is so closely associated with this country that it is considered its national stone. Other symbols of Latvia are the crane and the white wagtail.

In Riga there is one of the most pharmacies in the world.

If tourists found themselves in Latvia on the day of the summer solstice, then we can consider that they are lucky – in the shortest night of the year Latvians celebrate the national holiday of Ligo.

In Latvia there is the widest waterfall in Europe, its width is 249 meters.

To the ardent fighters for ecology in Latvia will be always glad. This country ranks second in terms of environmental efficiency, second only to Switzerland.

For the absence of a house hung out of the window or on its balcony, during the state holidays in Latvia a fine is required.

Latvian teenagers under the age of 16 are required to receive special cycling rights to legally drive a bicycle. And for driving a bicycle in a state of intoxication in Latvia, a fine of 2,000 euros and two weeks of administrative arrest are required.

The national currency of Latvia is the euro, but until 2014 the latvian lat was in progress.

The only bobsleigh track in Europe is in the Latvian city of Sigulda.

 A significant contribution to the cinematography was introduced by the Latvian Walter Zapp: he invented the first portable camera in the world (1937). Films with sound for the first time in the Baltic began to be broadcast in the cinema “Riga”.

 The highest television tower in the world is located in Latvia, its height is 368.5 meters.

In the rating of 40 unique products of the European Union is the famous Latvian rye bread.

The most popular name in Latvia is Janis.

Old Riga is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.