Interesting facts about mobile phones

Mobile phones have entered our life relatively recently, but over the past time they are so firmly established in it that no one can think of their life without them. They tirelessly improve from year to year and cause genuine interest of many people.

The first call from a mobile phone was made in 1973.

For the first time in a wide sale mobile phone entered the US in 1983. It cost about four thousand dollars.

The Nokia 1100 phone is recognized as the most popular mobile phone of all time. More than a quarter of a billion copies were sold.

The first mobile phone weighed almost a kilogram, and discharged for half an hour of conversation.

IBM Simon – the world’s first smartphone, invented in 1993. Even then he had a touch screen.

The first SMS-message was sent in 1992.

There are more mobile phones in the world now than people.

Drivers of cars are more likely to get into accidents because of conversations on the cell phone while driving, and not because of driving in a state of intoxication.

Most of the phones sold in Japan are waterproof, as many Japanese do not part with their mobile phone even in the shower.

Modern smartphones at times more powerful than computers installed in space vehicles, delivering American astronauts to the moon and back.

In many countries, cellular towers are masquerading as trees, so as not to spoil the landscape.

Phones harm the environment much more than it seems at first glance, due to the presence in them of accumulators with harmful substances inside.

In Estonia, you can vote in elections using a special application on your mobile phone.

In Russia, a very small part of the territory is covered by mobile communications towers.