Interesting facts about muscles

Muscles – this is what causes the body to move. Without them, a person would simply be an amorphous mass, and it is the muscles that enable us to move, walk, talk, breathe and do everything in the world.

In the human body about six and a half hundred muscles.

Almost a quarter of all muscles are located in the face and neck area.

The strongest muscles in the human body are jaws, the force of their compression can exceed three hundred kilograms. In general, the strongest single muscle is the language.

The hardiest muscle in the body is the heart. The heart beats the whole life of man.

With steady walking, a person uses about a quarter of all his muscles.

Slowly all after the load, the spinal muscles are restored, and the fastest is the triceps.

Some people lack a rudimentary long palmar muscle. Some animals have it, and it is used to release claws.

About half of all the energy used by the human body daily goes to muscle contraction.

By making a step, a person activates about two hundred muscles at a time.

The shortest muscle, about a millimeter in length and a quarter, is responsible for the eardrum in the ear.

More than a third of the body weight of the average person is muscle.

About half of the whole mass of muscles falls on the legs.

The heart is also a very strong muscle. It pumps pressure, which can raise blood by a dozen meters in height.

On average, it takes about two days to completely restore the muscles after the load.

In order to atrophy, the muscles require half the time, than to recover. This is why cosmonauts, after a long stay in weightlessness, take a long time to regain their former shape.

With a smile, seventeen different muscles are involved.

Muscles really know how to “remember” certain actions.

The more a person has muscle mass, the more calories needed to maintain vital functions are required by his body.