Interesting facts about queens

Kings and queens have ruled many countries for many years. At present, the monarchy in most countries has disappeared altogether, and where it is preserved, the royal representatives play a ceremonial role rather than really rule the country. Nevertheless, this was not always the case …

Elizabeth the First, the Russian Empress, had more than fifteen thousand outfits. The other Elizabeth the First, Queen of England, had only three thousand.

The youngest queen in the modern world was the Queen of Jordan Rania. Before she married the prince, she worked in a bank.

Queen Madagascar named Ranavalona went down in history, as an even more unpredictable and eccentric person than Cleopatra. In particular, she often ordered the execution of servants who had come to her without warning and interrupted her sleep.

The queen, who lasted the least on the throne – Jane Gray, Queen of England, stayed in this status for only nine days.

And the longest time on the throne was another British queen – Victoria. Sixty-three years – a solid period, agree.

When the daughter of Queen Victoria was married to a German prince and went to Germany, Victoria throughout her life wrote to her more than eight thousand letters.

As an English queen, Victoria spoke very mediocrely in English, because her mother, who had German roots, taught her German language from childhood.

In some countries with an established monarchical system, the queen did not decide anything, since her husband, the king, solely ruled the country.

The ship of one of the most famous pirates in the world, Edward Ticha, nicknamed the Black Beard, was called “Queen Anne’s Revenge.” Part of this vessel was discovered and is currently stored in the museum.