Interesting facts about Singapore

Singapore in most people who happened to be there, evokes a strong association with the words “expensive” and “beautiful.” And hardly anyone will be able to say that both this and the other epithet can not be applied to Singapore to the fullest extent …

In translation, “Singapore” means “city of lions”.

Singapore is a city-state.

The symbol of Singapore is an orchid.

Singapore is located on the island, but de jure it includes another 63 small islets.

The population of Singapore is about four and a half million people.

Singapore always has hot and humid weather. All year round.

Singapore is the second most populous place after Monaco.

In Singapore, the Malay language is considered the national language, but four have the official status – Malay, English, Chinese and Tamil.

The port of Singapore can accommodate up to a thousand ships at a time.

Singapore is sometimes jokingly called the “country of penalties”. Fines are really very high here, and they are very high.

But in Singapore, one of the lowest crime levels in the world.

Police in the streets of Singapore is small, but the ubiquitous cameras look through virtually every corner of the city-state.

Singapore has no natural resources.

Fresh water is imported to Singapore from Malaysia.

Expensive in Singapore is really everything.

In Singapore, everything is very clean, there is no dirt and slums.

The only night race in the world of Formula 1 is held in Singapore.

The right to own a car costs in Singapore 60 thousand Singapore dollars and is issued for a period of ten years.

The world’s tallest Ferris wheel is located in Singapore, its height is 165 meters.

Singaporeans are the most healthy people in the world.

About three percent of the population of Singapore are dollar millionaires.

You can register a firm in Singapore in ten minutes.

The media in Singapore are under government control.

Men in Singapore are not allowed to wear shorts.

Air conditioners are not only in buildings, but also in some streets.

Each car in Singapore has a built-in siren in the cabin, which automatically turns on if the speed exceeds 80 kilometers per hour.

Voting in the elections in Singapore is not anonymous.