Interesting facts about Spain

Sunny Spain is a wonderful country, whose inhabitants, according to the social survey, consider themselves really happy. Behind the shoulders of this state is its great colonial past – during the era of great geographical discoveries, the Spanish navigators have seized all the seas, fabulously enriching their country. Those times have long ago passed, but Spain, however, as it was, remained an extremely interesting and pleasant country.

Despite the fact that the most visited city in Europe, and indeed in the world as a whole – is Paris, the capital of France, Spain remains the most visited from Europe.

Spain is a kingdom. The country is ruled by the king, true, only nominally.

Despite the fact that Spain is Europe, it is separated from Africa by a distance of only 9 kilometers. Moreover, several separate territories on the North African coast are still owned by the Spaniards.

It was in this country that a pen was invented for writing. It happened about one and a half thousand years ago.

Because of the big difference in the level of salaries in Spain and neighboring Portugal, many Portugueses live and work in Spain.

During the last ice age from all of Europe, only the territory of modern Spain has avoided total glaciation, so it was from these lands that Europe began to re-colonize when the ice receded.

Only three-quarters of the Spanish population speaks Spanish. The rest speak Catalan, Galician and Basque.

Spain is the only European country where monkeys are found. More precisely, macaques.

The Moors, subsequently expelled from these lands, ruled Spain for about eight centuries.

His dominance in the vast expanses of Spain began to lose after the famous “Invincible Armada” was smashed by a monstrous storm in 1588. On this black day, 133 Spanish ships sailed to the bottom.

Almost half of the world’s olive oil is produced in Spain. True, most of the raw materials, that is, olives themselves, are exported from other countries.

Sunny days in Spain are about 280 annually. This country is considered to be sunny.

Among all European countries, it is Spain that ranks first in the number of bars, clubs, restaurants and other entertainment-drinking establishments.

The only 24-hour supermarket in this whole country was opened on the coast, replete with Russian tourists.

In Spain, it is officially permitted to sunbathe naked on any beach, so there are no special beaches for nudists here.