Interesting facts about Suriname

The tiny state of Suriname is a beautiful, nature-rich land. This South American country, despite its modest size, still has many unsettled areas, and the Surinamese nature has not yet been thoroughly studied.

Suriname is the smallest state in South America. It is located on the north-eastern coast of the mainland.

The second name of Suriname is the Netherlands Guiana.

The southern part of Suriname is practically uninhabited.

There are about thirty languages ​​in Suriname, but the official language is Dutch only.

The only railway in the country was abandoned a quarter of a century ago.

In Suriname, only about a thousand hundred kilometers of asphalt roads.

But here there are more than fifty airports, however, only five of them have asphalt pavement.

On average, in Suriname, about two hundred days a year are rains.

Almost 90 percent of Suriname’s area is covered by tropical forests.

On the territory of Suriname and in our day, scientists regularly discover previously unknown species of living beings.

The official currency of Suriname is the Surinamese guilder.

The Braunsberg National Park is one of the world’s most extensive stretches of untouched rainforest.

For the first time Europeans discovered the lands of modern Suriname in 1499.

On the territory of Russia there is no embassy of Suriname.

Its name Suriname is obliged to proceed on the river of the same name.

The movement in Suriname is left-sided, which is not typical for a country that is not a former British colony.

All telephone boxes in Suriname are painted yellow.