Interesting facts about tarantulas

Tarantulas are large, hairy spiders. Sometimes they are confused with spiders-tarantulas, which is fundamentally wrong – tarantulas are less, and for a person they are contrary to popular belief, not dangerous. However, this does not prevent them from plunging many people into horror by their own species.

The body length of the largest tarantulas is about six centimeters without taking into account the range of the paws.

Tarantulas know how to make webs, but they do not weave nets for hunting. Webs they cover the laying of eggs and warm their holes for the winter.

The outer chitinous skeleton of the tarantulas is very fragile, so any fall can cause them a fatal injury.

At the ends of the paws of the tarantula there are claws that extend outward like cats, which help them to hold back, clambering wherever they like.

All tarantulas are poisonous, but their poison is not capable of killing a person.

Female tarantulas live up to thirty years, but males – three to five times less.

With a relatively modest size of the trunk, the swing of the tarantula can reach 20-25 centimeters. It’s no wonder that people are afraid of them.

For toxicity and consequences, the bite of a tarantula for a human is comparable to that of a bee.

Tarantula will bite a person only if he is cornered, otherwise he will prefer to escape.

In case of a serious threat, the tarantulas with their hind legs are torn from the abdomen by prickly burning hairs and forcefully throw them into the opponent.

Tarantulas are nocturnal. They hunt, creeping up to the prey and suddenly attacking it.

Pouring, tarantulas can grow lost limbs.