Interesting facts about the lime tree

Lime tree is a familiar tree that occurs in many parts of Russia. It is widely used in traditional medicine, in addition, wide linden leaves give an excellent shadow in the summer. In the world there are many different types of lindens, but all of them are more or less similar to each other. We have collected for you a selection of interesting facts about this tree.

The linden tree from the central part of Russia, which we are accustomed to, is only one of the species of this tree. In total, about fifty different trees and shrubs are called limes.

The word “lime” in the sense of “fake” is widely used, however, very few people know why. The fact is that in the past soft linden wood was used for falsification of seals, and some unclean shoes of the foreman made shoe soles out of it.

Lipu is very fond of bees, because this tree is excellent honey. With the average adult linden bees can collect so much nectar that it will be enough to produce fifteen kilograms of honey.

Most of the types of linden are growing not in Russia, but in South-East Asia.

On average, a linden lives three to four hundred years, although lime trees lived for a thousand and a quarter years.

Blossoms linden later than other trees in the middle band – the flowers on it bloom only in the middle of summer.

The diameter of the trunk of especially powerful lime trees can reach four to five meters.

Proponents of traditional medicine argue that the decoction of lime blossom is excellent for colds.

Lime wood serves as a raw material for the production of tar.

In the heraldry of the Czech Republic, the linden is widely distributed – its images are found on awards and city flags.