Interesting facts about the redwoods

Sequoias are incredible trees, in our days, unfortunately, few where preserved. They are living relics of ancient times, and few can say that it does not take breath when it stands at the foot of this tree and looks up …

Some redwoods reach a height of more than 110 meters.

Sequoias include only one species.

Referring to the family of cypresses, sequoias are evergreen trees.

The age of the oldest trees of this breed exceeds two thousand years.

The name “sequoia” these trees received in honor of the Indian leader from the Cherokee tribe.

The bark of the sequoia can reach thirty centimeters in thickness.

Sequoia grows at a height from sea level to two kilometers above it.

The only natural distribution area for sequoia is the USA, but these trees are grown in other countries these days.

The highest sequoia grows in the USA. Its height exceeds one hundred and fifteen meters.

The volume of the famous sequoia “General Sherman” is almost one and a half cubic kilometers.

If all trees in the taiga were replaced by sequoias, the Earth’s atmosphere would be extremely supersaturated with oxygen.

Another name for the sequoia is the mammoth tree, as its branches remotely resemble the mammoth tusks.

The wood of the sequoia is fragile enough, and therefore is not used as a building material.

The bark of the sequoia, saturated with moisture, is sufficiently resistant to fire.