Interesting facts about the rivers of Africa

Africa is an ancient continent, which, according to many competent scientists, is the birthplace of all mankind. Many of its corners have not yet been investigated, which is due to their inaccessibility, as well as a harsh climate and a very dangerous wildlife. But the view of Africa as one continuous desert is deceptive – this continent is literally riddled with rivers, and about a third of its entire surface is a drainage basin for them.

Congo – the most full-flowing river of the continent, as well as the second longest after the Nile, which is often called the cradle of civilizations – it was on its banks that many nations emerged and developed.

A total of 59 large rivers flow through Africa and many small ones, some of which dry out during the dry season.

The Blue Nile got its name due to the amazingly transparent water, and the White Nile, on the contrary, due to the fact that the water in it is substantially muddy with mud.

The longest river in Africa, as mentioned above, is the Nile. More recently, Nile was also considered the longest river in the world, but recent studies have shown that the Amazon River is slightly longer than the Nile.

Running across Africa the river Orange, very popular among amateurs rafting on rivers on boats, got its name not because of the orange color, which it can not boast, but from the family family of the Dutch kings of Orange, after whom it was named.

In the waters of the African river Congo, there is tiger fish, or goliath fish, which is deservedly considered a real monster. Local residents argue that large specimens of this fish pose a serious danger to swimmers.

Many African rivers were finally put on the map not so long ago, about a hundred and fifty years ago. However, many of them have not yet been studied.

The rivers of Africa are replete with waterfalls because of the stepped nature of the continental plate itself.

The only river flowing through the Sahara desert is the above-mentioned Nile.

To the basin of the Congo River is the largest lake in Africa, Tanganyika, which is also the second largest and largest freshwater lake in the world. The first is Baikal.