Is a snail a mollusk ?

A snail is a mollusk. Mollusks belong to invertebrates. Another example of land mollusks is slug. Slug is like a snail, but without a shell. Known sea mollusks – oysters, mussels, cuttlefish, squid, octopus.

Snails can be deservedly called the most unpretentious pets: they need to feed only 3 times a week, wash the aquarium – every 2 weeks, and change the soil once a month. Your unusual pets will gladly take care of vegetables, fruits, herbs, watermelon or melons, and a special delicacy for them will be a leaf salad.

As the house for snails, an aquarium with an edge of 40cm, whose bottom should be filled with either large sand or soil, is best suited. The aquarium should be wet, but not wet. It is interesting that snails should be watered, just like flowers.

There are two main types of snails. Some have a shell, others only a mantle, the second is called slugs. At the same time, in both cases, this object is very different. For example, akhatin shell is firm and firm, however, if they live in a moist environment, then their shell is more thin and transparent. In a hot climate, the snail house is mostly white in color to reflect the sun’s rays.