Kangaroo scientific name

Kangaroo scientific name is Macropus Giganteus.┬áThis animal lives only in one place on the globe, on the mainland of riddles and surprises, in Australia. It does not resemble any other beast. Even about its opening and name, there are several versions. But let’s talk about everything in order.

This is now any child knows what is called an animal with large muscular hind legs, a long tail and a pocket on the abdomen. And the first Europeans who found themselves in Australia were very surprised to see him. They tried to find out from the natives how the strange beast was called, and received an answer from the leader himself: “Ken-gu-ru”.

The travelers happily began to tell their comrades that they had seen an amazing kangaroo animal, and the leader’s answer only meant “I do not understand.” But the name caught on. There is, however, a less interesting version, according to which the word “kangaroo” the aborigines called the present wallaby.

About who first of Europeans saw an animal growing from a man who jumps like a grasshopper, argue until now. Most believe that it was the famous seafarer James Cook in 1770, who brought the word “kangaroo” from Australia.