Kangaroo is an amazing Australian animal. He has large and muscular hind legs adapted for jumping, a long strong tail for maintaining balance and a small head. Kangaroo is the only big beast that uses jumping as a mode of movement.

The largest kangaroos are red kangaroos (Red Kangaroos). They can jump at a speed of 70km / h for short distances, but usually move with a comfortable speed of 20 km / h.

Jumping as a quick and ekonomny way of movement was developed in kangaroos in part as a reaction to the attack of hickhorses, but mainly because the kangaroos are forced to travel long distances in search of food and water.

Kangaroo live about 9-18 years, and some individuals live up to 30 years.

As is known kangaroo marsupial animal, as well as most of its Australian neighbors. The female kangaroo is usually constantly pregnant, the pregnancy lasts about one month. The kangaroo remains in the bag for about 9 months before beginning to occasionally go outside. The composition of kangaroo milk depends on the age of the baby. Kangaroo can even simultaneously produce 2 different types of milk: one for a newborn kangaroo, another for his older brother or sister, who still lives in a bag.

Wild kangaroos are afraid of man, and will not allow them to come close to themselves. Less fearful individuals, lured by tourists in certain places, despite the numerous calls not to feed wild animals.

But the most friendly kangaroos can be found in special wildlife sanctuaries. Tourists are given special food there, and people who are accustomed to kangaroos are ready to eat this food directly from their hands.