Kingfisher is a fisherman. Conveniently located on the stump or branch of a tree, preying, the bird looks around, not losing sight of the water. A little more, and he will dive. Extraction of kingfisher – small fishes. The actions of the bird are so fast that the fish do not have time to recover. To catch the prey, the wings with which the kingfisher makes strong strokes help the bird. The beak, which the kingfisher hits randomly along the water, also moves.

Soon all efforts were rewarded – with the extraction of the kingfisher returns to its place. The meal does not start immediately. First, it is shaken off – drops the water from the feathers. Then he throws fish into the air, catches it and swallows it whole. One fry can not satisfy the feeling of a kingfisher hunger. And in a few minutes he repeats the ritual of catching and eating fish.

In the ration of a kingfisher enters not only fish. With pleasure eats a bird of crustaceans, does not disdain and water insects. Not all food is digested. What the king could not digest, the kingfisher regurgitates in the form of pagodas.

Nevertheless, the kingfisher prefers to fish. The family happiness of the bird depends on the caught fish. In the mating season the male treats his chosen one with fish. Now everything depends on her. With the one who accepts fish, family life will develop. In addition, he noted the “love” of the kingfisher male – he is able to create families not with one, but with two or three companions. At the same time, he is responsible for incubating and nestling chicks.

In a laying usually up to nine eggs. In the incubation both parents participate. Of the characteristics of hatching – there is no litter in the nest. It contains only the remains of pagodas. These can be fish bones, scales, chitin. The nest can be small, 30 cm long. A can reach a length of 1 meter. But in any case there is an extension in the nest. This is a nest camera. In feeding the chicks the main role is assigned to the father – he, as a rule, often flies with food and feeds his offspring. And the feeding takes place according to the “circular” type – the kids gather in a circle and take a piece of food in turn: who got first, leaves for the “end” of the queue.