Komodo dragons

Komodo dragon – the largest lizard. They live on the island of Komodo. These reptiles grow to huge sizes. They can reach up to 3 m in length, and weigh up to 150 kg. The conditions of his dwelling, the absence of enemies and a favorable climate made these lizards the largest on the planet.

Komodo dragons are heavy lizards and not the most agile predators. But they are without this at the top of the food chain. Acute sense of smell, strong paws, thick skin and huge jaws – for all these signs the Komodo dragon resembles dinosaurs.

These predators have long curved claws and equally terrible teeth. Their claws are up to 10 cm long. They have 60 curved and serrated teeth. In addition, they are completely replaceable. For 1 year Komodo lizard change to 200 teeth. Reptiles swim well. Their long tail is ideal for movement in water.

Watching the Komodo lizards, one can not help imagining prehistoric animals. However, these ferocious predators have appeared on our planet relatively recently. About these animals is known not so much. And this is explained by the fact that they live in remote islands in Indonesia.

Favorite food Komodo dragon – deer and buffalo, but they also do not disdain and any other prey, as well as carrion. The predator straightens his victims in an unusual way. He only needs one bite. Dragon moves unhurriedly to the herd of deer and, choosing for himself the victim, sharply rushes at her and bites. But the danger is not in the bite itself.

It used to be that the victim is killed by the bite of the Komodo lizard because the saliva of this lizard contains a huge number of bacteria that begin to multiply in the blood of the bitten victim. Thus, an infection develops inside the animal, from which it dies.

But now it is proved that in the jaw of the Komodo lizard there are mucous glands that produce the saliva of the animal. But beneath them is a large poisonous gland with feed channels passing between the teeth. When a predator bites into the body of prey, poison enters there. From the action of this poison, blood pressure drops sharply, it also effectively blocks blood clotting, and it will go without stopping.

These predators can kill prey, 10 times higher than themselves. Komodo dragons eat everything from their victims: bones, hoofs, skins. Komodo dragon needs to absorb solar heat, so they like to lie on the sun. Having sunbathing and getting the necessary amount of energy, they go on a hunt.