Lions pride

Lions, unlike other felines, live by families, which are called prides. Pride sizes vary. Usually they consist of one or two adult lions, five or six lionesses and a different number of lions. The head of the family is an old lion. Usually he protects the territory, although lionesses can also do this. Males do not allow other lions to enter their territory, females – foreign lionesses. And the pride territory can reach 100 square kilometers, depending on the availability of water sources and possible production.

The number of females in pride changes only when one of the lionesses dies or when a young shift grows up. But the males must leave the family, as soon as they are 2-2.5 years old. The head of the family of rivals will not tolerate, and therefore young males, resting for a year or two, must establish their pride.

Lions live in open areas, almost never entering the forest. This is due to the fact that lions are hunting for large, cloven-hoofed animals that also live in open areas. The hunting of a lion is very interesting.

Large and majestic lions are engaged in their family (pride) only by the protection of the territory and the continuation of the genus, and for the production of food – antelopes, buffaloes, zebras, giraffes, as well as elephants and even representatives of the cat family – are exclusively lionesses.

Each of these bold animals accurately knows their place in the group (some chase the victim, others surround, some attack, etc.), so hunting almost always ends in luck. The male approaches a herd of antelopes or zebras, frightens them with his growl and chases in the direction of the female, who lies in an ambush nearby.