Lobsters are a family in a troop of decapods. They have long bodies with muscular tails, live on the seabed in burrows and cracks. Of the ten pairs of limbs, three have claws. The largest and strongest is the first pair. These arthropods are valued for their high nutritional quality and are of great commercial importance.

Representatives of the invertebrate family with a rigid protective exoskeleton. Since they are constantly growing, they are shedding, which makes them vulnerable. During molting, some species change color.

On the head there are long mustaches, which help to navigate in a turbid environment on the ocean floor. The eyes have a complex retina, which ensures the refraction of the rays. Blood is blue because of the high concentration of copper in it. But vertebrates have red blood because of iron enriched with hemoglobin. As for the sizes, the largest lobster caught off the coast of Canada weighed 20.2 kg (44.4 lb).

This family of arthropods lives in all the oceans of the planet. The habitat is rocky, sandy and muddy in the coastal strip. These animals live alone in crevices or burrows under stones. They are omnivorous and, as a rule, eat live prey. It includes crustaceans, fish, mollusks, worms. Some kinds of plants are also eaten. In captivity, there are cases of cannibalism. In nature, lobsters eat old skin after molting. The usual length of lobsters is 25-50 cm. They slowly move along the seabed. In case of danger, they can develop a speed of 5 m / s.

Caught lobsters are estimated by age and hardness of the shell. The greatest delicacy is represented by those animals that have dropped their old shells recently. The new shell is thin, like paper, and the meat has high taste qualities. However, it is very difficult to transport such a catch over long distances. But under the hard shell is less delicious meat, but transportation in this case does not present any problems. In coastal restaurants overlooking the ocean, a lobster dish costs 8 dollars. But somewhere in Paris for a dish with the worst taste qualities they take already $ 80.