Longest snake

The mesh python – in 1912 on the Indonesian island “Celebes” a specimen of this species of a snake with a length of ten meters was found. Almost a hundred years later, at the beginning of the 2000s, the inhabitants of the western part of the Indonesian island of Sumatra were caught the largest snake in the world from those living now on earth.

A specimen of a mesh python, whose weight was 447 kg and 14.85 m. Photographs of the giant catch were published one year after the event itself.

It should be noted that such a snake does not need much time to fully digest the body of an adult. At the same time, many scientists unanimously declare that a snake of such a giant size simply does not exist. Such a specimen can easily digest a cow of small sizes – after that it can not be eaten for 50-60 days.

A giant or green anaconda, 11.43 meters long, was exactly the length of a snake caught in the eastern part of Colombia. This fact was officially recorded in an appropriate manner.