Moles – information

A mole is an animal that does not represent its life without animal protein, and simply speaking, meat. He absorbs it in huge quantities, about as much as it weighs or even more. The most favorite dainty of a mole is the earthworms.

Moles are the real masters of their home. They reliably and carefully equip the place they liked and live there for a long time. In the winter, their abode serves as a kind of edible warehouse. So, with the advent of cold weather, getting food to become hard work, so the resourceful moles begin early preparation for the winter. And here they are just looters.

Mammals leave their prey alive, at the same time they mutilate their body. They can not leave, but they can still breathe. At the right time and a hungry moment, the mole will take and get its victim for breakfast.

These diggers are very morose animals. They are loners and egoists by their nature. I do not know whether they like it or not. They also lead a very reluctant marriage life. These representatives of the animal world, if there is a concept of “mating season”, it is very hidden. Find a female for amorous pleasures and leave the offspring after themselves is very difficult, in conditions of self-flagellation and non-admission of no one to his person.

The same brave “women” who enter into a “relationship” with the “gentleman”, after a time, give birth to several babies, absolutely blind and aesthetically appalling. The mother feeds the children with milk until the body of the mole gets stronger and they must go to “free bread”.

A small historical fact. From fur moles of moles made masks to protect the face from frostbite. These masks were intended for pilots flying on airplanes, where there was no pilot’s protection from wind and cold. Such a mask of a soft soft coat effectively protected the pilot’s face.