Otters – information

The otter is a predatory mammal belonging to the family of cuni. These animals are excellent swimmers and divers, and they also do many interesting things, which are fascinating to observe. The process of “bringing beauty” to the otters is of interest. They like to take care of their swanky fur, combing it.

And they turn the daily “toilet” into the most real game: somersault in the water, then dive, then float to the surface. Thus, the otters try to peel their fur from the rest of the meal and other contaminants, and also try to fill the undercoat with air. The process of eating sea otter is no less interesting. She catches as many crabs or mollusks as she can put in paws and teeth, and then appears on the surface, settles comfortably on the back and gradually eats.

Accurately folding her prey in the thick folds on her stomach, she takes it and swallows it. Despite the fact that the otters’ fingers are very small, this does not prevent them from holding the necessary items very tightly. Even if during the meal the otter decides to turn over in the water, her catch miraculously always remains on the abdomen.

Otters are very fond of playing, for which they use pebbles that are thrown into the water. African otters do not have claws, but in spite of this they can hold objects, moving the thumb across the rest. Because of the lack of claws, the animals have to beat the stones to open the bivalves. The otter family has a Brazilian otter, which is the largest in its form due to its two-meter length.

At the western coast of South America you can meet the smallest sea otter, whose weight is only 4.5 kg. Those who plan to go hunting for otters with dogs, we recommend to abandon this event, since the otter is able to drag the dog under the water and drown it. These huge otters clean the area of ​​7 m wide near their territory, before they begin to mark it. During rest, some otters prepare a kind of “anchor”, for which they spin for a long time in algae, winding them on themselves, after which they calmly pour, Wrapped in a cocoon.