Pugs – information

Pugs are great companions. These dogs will make you company for a walk, and when watching a TV, and as soon as a stranger appears under the door or knocking at once they will let the owner know about it with their barking.

Pugs intellectuals, they are by nature well educated, deprived of aggression. It is generally a strong and hardy dog, but too active games are not for her. Pugs tend to passive pastime, but in order to avoid health problems it is necessary to accustom them to regular movement, to train and load the dog.

If you allow the pet to sleep enough and constantly lie very soon, it will earn obesity and a whole bunch of other diseases. It is also important to follow a diet and not corrupt the animal with sweets and other harmful products for the dog.

Pugs have a wonderful life with children, they never offend, they are also tolerant to pets, you can often see a pug and a cat sleeping in an embrace.

The ideal and average weight of the dog is 6.5-8.5 kg. Pug’s body is short, square, compact, musculature well developed, proportional forms. The head is large, rounded, the bones of the skull do not protrude. The muzzle is short, square, blunt, and the nose is not pulled up. The skin on the muzzle is collected in deep folds.

Eyes large, round, on rollout, black, shine and look with a question. Ears are small, tender, hang down, divided into two types: a button and a rose. The bite is dense, the lower incisors are located on one line.