Scorpions – information

Scorpion is a very interesting creature. Appearance is quite frightening: eight legs and formidable “tentacles” with claws, acute poisonous sting on the tip of the “tail”. Scorpio is awake at night, and is hiding during the day. These are predatory animals – they feed on insects, centipedes, small reptiles and mammals, as well as their closest relatives – spiders. Scorpio stabs the victim with poison, poisoning it with its poison. Small individuals are not dangerous to humans, though, stung suffer pain. Scorpions, living in the tropics, in size can reach the length of the palm. Such individuals are able to kill a person with their poison.

The marriage ritual of scorpions is very interesting. It resembles a waltz. The male and female take each other by claws, swirl, approach and diverge. Sometimes a scorpion even “kisses” a partner, touching its powerful jaws to its jaws.

Paleontologists find the remains of ancient scorpions. Some found individuals reach a length of half a meter! Scientists find individual parts of shells, judging by the size of which, the ancient scorpions reached a meter in length. True, the whole shell of such dimensions could not be found.

Scorpions have from 3 to 6 pairs of eyes. Despite this, they see quite badly, especially at night, when they go hunting. How does a predator find a prey? The thing is that the scorpion has an amazing sense of touch. The paws of this creature are so sensitive that the predator is able to notice the fly that sank to the ground a few dozen centimeters from it. On the legs of the scorpion, as well as on the feet of spiders, are the smallest villi. Thanks to them, the midnight predator determines the exact distance to his future dinner and the direction in which he is. A lightning bolt – and a deadly sting pierces into a careless insect!

The shell of the scorpion is covered with a thin layer of strong organic matter. It brightly glows green under the influence of ultraviolet radiation. Scientists use this property to observe the night scorpion hunting. The shell is green in normal bright sunlight. Scientists have not yet discovered what substances are part of the luminous coating. For them, the purpose of the “glow” of the scorpion remains a mystery.

Scorpios can eat not only insects, chalk, but also each other. These animals lead a solitary life. Meetings often end with an act of cannibalism. A female often eats a male after mating. There are two reasons for this. First, the “instinct of inhibition” does not work – the future mother accepts the “spouse” for the victim. Secondly, the female may not have enough nutrients to bear offspring. Some scientists believe that cannibalism is the main reason that scorpions have not filled the entire planet. After all, this amazing creature can survive even in the most difficult conditions!

For small animals scorpion poison is deadly. In humans, it causes inflammation of the wound and causes quite a lot of pain. In tropical countries, “bites” of scorpions are quite dangerous and in rare cases are fatal (mainly for children). Every year in the world from the bites of scorpions, about 1,000 people die, mostly living in North Africa and India.