Sharks – information

Of all living creatures that live on Earth, sharks cause the greatest fear in man, bordering on an unconscious horror. These animals seem to have been created by the Most High to cast doubt on the dogma that places the crown of natural creation on man, and there are forces capable of dispelling such high self-conceit in an instant.

The shark is an ideal predator, which nature successfully created millions of years ago. Why is it successful? Because it is difficult to find a more perfect, and at the same time, more ancient organism, so adapted to a predatory way of life, like a shark. The structure of her body was so successfully perfected by evolution that the shark survived in the centuries-old struggle for existence with different, often very powerful predators, with little change in the structure of the organs and the body.

Sharks existed on Earth long before the appearance of man. They live in the waters of the whole world, in every ocean, and even in some rivers and lakes. One can say with full confidence that they will live for many millions of years, since they are the most important biological component of the seas and oceans, like any predator in their habitat.

Sharks are very tenacious and, obviously, do not have such painful sensitivity as other vertebrates. There are cases when a shark caught, gutted and again thrown into the water grabs a hook, baited by its own insides. The shark, taken out on the ship’s deck, even when the last spark of life goes out in her eyes, poses a threat to anyone who is inadvertently approaching her body. Many onlookers paid for such rhetoric by limbs and body parts.

Sharks have a sufficiently developed nervous system and are armed with senses that allow them to search for food in the most unfavorable conditions, in human terms, in total darkness, in zero-visibility water, and even detect prey trapped in the ground, and also feel the presence of food at a considerable distance .