Snails – information

Will a snail eat a lot? Millions they attack the green. And sometimes snails become a real disaster for people. For example, grape snails can ruin a large vineyard in a few days – there are so many of them. In the Hawaiian Islands, one day more than three kilograms of small gluttons were removed from one square meter of the garden.

Only two hundred years ago, huge snail-pests lived only in Africa. And now they destroy the greenery on half the globe. “Free” passengers snails “come” on ships to other countries and unscrupulously rob them.

Snails grow, their shells also increase. They harden, become thicker, they appear dark rings-turns. Snails cease to grow only after they are one year old. By this time on their shells there are already 4-5 rings. In general, snails survive up to 6 years. If it succeeds, of course, to be saved from enemies. And there are plenty of them. Snails feed on beetles, birds, snakes, mice. One day 67 small snails were found in the goiter. In some countries, even people like to eat them – both raw and boiled.

Among the snails there are also giants, but they live in countries with a warm climate. And in Russia, the largest snail has a shell in height in a matchbox. The owner of it is called “ussurian vivander,” it’s a water mollusk that lives in the Amur River basin.

With the first freezing snails begin to prepare for the winter. They bury themselves in the ground or hide under the leaves. Then they pull the whole body into the sink and close the entrance to it with a film of mucus, which then hardens. “Closing the door”, the snail falls asleep until the spring. So they can endure extreme heat and cold. For example, a garden snail can withstand cooling to 120 degrees. On Earth, there is no such cold at all. When winter sets in, the snails freeze in ice and sleep soundly.

The viability of the cochlea is amazing. If the conditions for it are unfavorable, it can fall into a hibernation for as much as six months. And she is able to change the habitat. When on one of the islands of the Pacific the snail “ahatina” began to eat tea bushes, it was ripped off and taken to the ocean. But the “land” snail sailed back. I had to collect it again and now it’s easy to burn it.

With the end of winter and the beginning of spring snails begin to wake up. Passed over the winter, they greedily attacked the food. And when the forces are restored, nature tells the snails to take care of the continuation of the family.

There is one unpleasant feature of snails. Most of all, it manifests itself in the spring. The fact is that snails are “intermediate hosts” for all sorts of parasites: worms, tapeworms. Such parasites can be transmitted to pets and humans.

And yet there are fans who breed snails at home in the aquarium. Many of those who hold fish, just plant snails on the walls of aquariums. But snails can be planted on their own. Put sand on the bottom of the aquarium, and on top – dry ground. Then put some moss and a piece of wood so that the snails can hide under it – they love the shadow. Now you can put the tenants. Just do not forget to cover the aquarium on top of a sheet of paper – otherwise the snails will spread. And, most importantly, sprinkle the bottom more often with water. And you can feed your wards with leaves or grass. If the aquarium is dark and damp, the snails will feel comfortable.