Snake with legs

Absence of legs in modern snakes does not mean that they never had limbs. But how and when the snakes “lost” their legs, science is not known.

Some scientists believe that the ancestors of the snake were some species of lizards, shrews, which have survived to this day. All these lizards have very short legs or none at all.

The snake, called Eupodophis descouensi, had a length of 85 cm. It inhabited the era of the Late Cretaceous about 92 million years ago. The short extremities of the creature (only 2 cm in length) were probably not used and were rudimentary organs.

But, despite the fact that once at a snake all legs at once have disappeared, they at all have not lost ability to move and manage without them very much even it is good. The serpent is assisted by convex plates located on the belly.

The belt of the forelimbs is completely absent from snakes, and from the hind limb in some snakes (boas, waltzed snakes, slepozmeyki, narrow-snakes) retain small bone rudiments of the pelvis. The boa constrictors and waltzed serpents also preserved rudiments of the hind limbs themselves in the form of paired claws along the sides of the anus.