Squirrel scientific name

Squirrel scientific name is Sciuridae. Squirrel is an animal that is considered very intelligent. And not only double yield is this proof. They prepare for the winter ahead of time, while storing their own food. Nuts basically they dig in the earth near to the dwelling or simply hide them in a hollow.

Many scientists are inclined to think that due to the fact that the memory of the squirrels is not too good from many hidden nuts, which the squirrels  forget sometimes, trees grow.

They can dig a plant just planted in the hope that it will be possible to extract seeds from under the ground. Can be settled without hesitation and fear in the attic. They easily come into contact with a person if they see food in his hands and can take it endlessly, hiding in a hollow.

Squirrels who live in urban parks have long learned for themselves the one truth that a person for them is a source of nutrition. But it’s not desirable to feed them. Often they can suffer from plague or other diseases that can harm a person’s health. Even if there is no disease, the squirrel can simply very painfully bite. They skillfully and skillfully gnaw nuts. It’s a pleasure to watch it.