Squirrel teeth

The squirrel has very strong teeth. In general, like any other rodent. The front part of the mouth is endowed with chisel-shaped incisors, which protrude considerably forward. As they are erased, these incisors grow constantly – thanks to them, the squirrel gnaws and grinds the solid food. In this case, the presence of strong muscles of the lower jaw is of great importance.

Root teeth, which are endowed with the posterior oral cavity, also grow throughout the life of the squirrel.

The color of the squirrel varies greatly from species to species. And not only from species to species, but even within one species. Coloring largely depends on the season, individual characteristics, age, and geographical area. Color can be as red (which we imagine the squirrel), and ashy and even almost black.

Brushes on the ears – a characteristic feature for representatives of the genus squirrels. No, it’s not quite true. Most species do not have this attribute. Brushes on the ears are found only in common and North American squirrels.