Swans nest

The nest is built in remote places, overgrown with reeds or reeds, on the basis of last year’s foliage and vegetation. Dimensions are impressive up to 3 m in diameter. The equipment is mainly occupied by the female. After laying 3-5 eggs, incubation lasts up to 40 days.

The flight of swans is easy and free, during swans the wedge is created, at the head of which the most powerful bird flies. The rest of the pack uses aerodynamic flows created by the leader, and spend less energy. When the leader is tired, another bird replaces him.

Due to the large weight given rise swans hard, they have long sorted out their wings and legs gaining altitude. For this reason, the swans will never sit down on the ground, but only on the water, while landing awkwardly they hinder legs on the water.

Swans feed on seeds, kidneys and rhizomes of aquatic plants, small aquatic invertebrates and grass. They feed the food in the water, overturning and plunging their necks deep into the water, or grazing on the shore. They can not dive.