Types of rabbits

The numerous family of rabbits number about six dozen breeds and about two hundred variations of them, differing in color. Breeds of rabbits do not have a clear scientific classification and are divided relatively arbitrarily in size, length of hair, or economic purpose.

Large breeds include animals with an average adult mass of 4 kg and above (giants), representatives of medium breeds weigh from 2 to 4 kg, small breeds up to 2 kg. According to the type of use, all types of rabbits are divided into meat, meat-and-poultry, skins, downy, ornamental.

The Belgian flank. The oldest representative of the family of giants and the ancestor of representatives of this breed of rabbits. Actively used by breeders to excrete (improve) the rocks. The average weight is up to 9 kg, the height is up to 75 cm. The animal is powerful, very strong. Fur is thick, high density. Colors: agouti (hare), yellowish-gray or dark gray. The taste characteristics of meat are excellent.

Deutsche Riesen (German giant) is the largest breed of the rabbit family. Despite the impressive size and awesome appearance of these animals are very popular as a pet.