What are baby hamsters called ?

What are baby hamsters called ? Baby hamsters called pups. Newborn babies can not be touched, touched, ironed. The female, feeling a strange smell, will certainly eat the cubs. The female should not be bothered either. During this period, you also can not get out of the cage. Cage with the female and her offspring should be taken to a quiet and peaceful place. Look to her only to feed or change the water in the water bowl.

A few days before the birth, you need to thoroughly wash and disinfect the cage. Put fresh bedding, feed, pour in clean water, put a house. Remove deep containers from the cage. To children, when they start to crawl out of the house, they did not accidentally drown in a bowl of water.

For the birth of a female, it is better to use a single-storey cage. If the cage has a sliding pallet and a grate on the bottom, the bottom of the cage is covered with sawdust. Perishable food should not be placed in the trough! The female must hide it and feed the food. During pregnancy and feeding, the female needs to be given vitamins. Feed the plant and grain feeds. Always drink water in the water bowl.

Feeding the pregnant and lactating female. During pregnancy and feeding the female needs to be given protein food – 1-2 times a week, in small quantities, boiled chicken meat, boiled egg yolk, not fatty cottage cheese (without various additives, without sugar).

All these products are given separately and on different days, not all at once. For example, on Tuesday, boiled chicken meat, on Thursday a little chicken. Feed for hamsters, juicy feed, given daily. The chicken should be cooked without any seasoning, without salt.