What do arctic foxes eat ?

Arctic fox is omnivorous, its composition includes about 125 species of animals and 25 plant species. However, its basis is small rodents, especially lemmings, as well as birds. It feeds both thrown ashore, and the extracted fish, and also vegetative food: berries (a bilberry, cloudberry), grasses, seaweed (sea cabbage). Sometimes it attacks even the calves of the reindeer, who have fought from the herd. He does not give up the carrion. On the coast, a polar fox often accompanies polar bears, and he gets some of the meat of dead seals. Finally, he eats trapped animals, without making an exception even for other arctic foxes. In summer, he stores excess food in the den for the winter.

The arctic fox has a well developed hearing and sense of smell; Somewhat weaker – vision. The voice is a yapping barking.