What do baby rabbits eat ?

First of all, one must bear in mind that baby┬árabbits eat constantly and large breaks in food can be disastrous for them. Therefore, it will be correct if in the rabbit’s cage there will always be hay or fresh grass. Both are a very important source of fiber vital to rabbits. Baby rabbits love the leaves of the plantain, dandelion and sweet clover.

You can include other wild plants in the rabbit’s diet: a marshmallow, a shepherd’s bag, a yarrow, a lobster, a vegetable garden and nettle. And, of course, you know that both grass and hay should be “extracted” only in an ecologically clean place: away from the city and roads.

It is not necessary to collect wild plants for your animals, if you do not have confidence that you can distinguish harmless plants from poisonous plants. In the rabbit’s cage, there must always be fresh water.

The second mandatory component in the rabbit’s menu should be solid feed. This is, first of all, grain mixtures. This can be a special feed for rabbits, which are sold in pet stores, or you can make them yourself. Rabbit can be given pearl rump, oatmeal, wheat and barley grains. Sometimes you can offer a rabbit a little oatmeal, or a dried piece of bread: best of all – with bran. Bread can be moistened in milk. In addition, the rabbit can and should be given branches of trees: willow, apple, pear.