What do bull sharks eat ?

Adult bull sharks are not fastidious in eating. Their diet, as a rule – dolphins, large invertebrates, mullet and other fish. Do not shun sharks, bulls carrion, representatives of their kind and, most terrible, a man.

The most common victims of these fish were lonely bathers, and attacked by bloodthirsty predators in the morning or late twilight, and usually at a shallow depth of 0.5-1 meter.

Bull sharks can change the color of the body from dark gray to light, so even in shallow water they are not very noticeable. Especially dangerous are they in muddy water.

There have been cases of brutal attack by bull sharks on people who are wading through the river.

The victim is sometimes deceived by the apparent slowness and slowness of the 4-meter monster, but sharks-bulls are able to lightly attack a hapless bather or a pet, approaching the water. Stubborn and enduring, the predator develops a tremendous speed in the pursuit of potential food.

It was this species that served as the prototype of a toothy monster from the movie “Jaws.” These animals – the last link in the food chain, in nature in sharks-bulls there are no true enemies, except man. People use the meat of young individuals, so this species is an object of fishing. On average, a shark bull lives about 20 years.