What do bulldogs eat ?

After weaning the puppy from the mother and up to 2 months, you should feed six times a day. Up to three months – five times a day, already gradually excluding milk porridge from the diet.

Up to half a year the puppy should eat four times a day, up to a year – three times a day, and after a year translate for two meals a day. If the owner decides to feed the puppy with ready dry food, then one should choose a dog food that will correspond to age and breed and boil it with boiling water until half a year and cool down to a temperature of 20-25 degrees. Read more on this topic article: Feed for puppies

The necessary portion of the puppy must be counted on its own. If the baby can not cope with the portion given to him, it is necessary to reduce it, and if he does not leave the empty bowl, then the next feeding should be added a little.