What do butterflies eat ?

This is one of the most common questions asked by children – what do butterflies eat? We often see how they sit down on flowers and relish the nectar found in various colorful and bright colors. But we never saw that they are eating something. This is because they do not eat anything! Yes, butterflies do not eat anything, they just drink nutrients.They can only eat what dissolves in water. It is rather interesting to observe how nature created a butterfly. Butterfly has a unique life cycle.

There are four different phases of the life of a butterfly, namely: an egg, a caterpillar, a chrysalis(Pupa), and a butterfly. The butterfly eats most when it is in the caterpillar stage.

Different species survive by means of various plant components at the stage of the caterpillar. In the process of development and appearance, butterflies again change their anatomy, and can drink through their antennas, like proboscis. To better understand what butterflies eat, continue reading.

Different kinds of butterflies have different eating habits, but almost all of them have something in common – they drink or absorb food from the nectar through the proboscis. Below are some of the things that give the butterfly pleasure.

Pollen and nectar

This is the main meal of butterflies. Butterflies attract bright and colorful flowers. Most butterflies prefer to survive on floral nectar, which is full of essential nutrients and sugar, which provides butterflies with instant energy and vitality.