What do camels eat ?

Camels eat mostly meager desert vegetation, bitter and salty herbs, prickly and dry branches of saxaul. Quinoa, wormwood, camel thorn – grasses that do not eat pets, are happy to eat camels. They also eat branches of sandy acacia trees and saxaul, the thickets of which are sometimes found in deserts.

Camels adore eating camel thorn. The camel’s thorn is a low grass in the desert, which branches quite densely. She has very juicy, bright green leaves of rounded shape, but with thorny branches, so she is called that. The camel’s thorn has very long roots up to five meters in length, which it reaches to the groundwater. This allows her to be green and juicy, even in the most arid season.

Camels do not sweat and produce a small amount of liquid. They can go without water for a long time, but after reaching the source, they drink up to a hundred liters of water, while they can drink salty water. Without water, a camel can live two weeks, and without food a month.

Camels are very powerful pack animals, and can carry up to half their weight, passing in long-distance junctions up to forty kilometers a day. With a rider can pass up to a hundred kilometers, with an average speed of about 12 km / h. Camel’s wool is highly valued, characterized by high quality and containing up to 85% down. Also, milk of camels, whose fat content is up to 5%, is highly valued, and the content of vitamin C is much higher than in cow’s milk. Now you know that you are eating camels.