What do dragonflies eat ?

So what do you eat dragon-flies? In one hour this graceful creature can eat up to four dozen flies!

The dragonfly catches small insects with jagged jaws right on the fly, and large ones with paws, descending to the ground and sitting down on a blade of grass or a twig. Hunting a dragonfly is an interesting sight. If in the field of her sight any insect gets, the dragonfly for a moment freezes in the air and, immediately changing direction, rushes to the prey.

Flies are excellent flyers, and yet few of them manage to escape the dragonfly. The huntress will masterly repeat all the figures that the victim writes out, slowly approaching her. Very soon the fly finds itself in long, tenacious paws that fold like a net. At the end of the lip of the predator is a kind of pincer, which she deeply pierces the prey, so as not to miss it. In addition to flies of dragonflies, they like to eat mosquitoes, midges and many other flying insects. But for humans, the dragonflies are completely safe. Do not sting, do not bite, they can not.