What do dugongs eat ?

Dugongs eagerly feed on the roots of algae and sea grass. Search for food animals lead with sensitive tactile whiskers growing on the muzzle. Holding the sea plant in the teeth, the dugong with the front fins undermines its roots. Before eating the plant, the animal rinses it in water.

Dugong lives in the sea, but, like other mammals, breathes atmospheric air. Like in other marine inhabitants, it has a streamlined body shape. The diet of this marine animal is the same as for all representatives of a number of sirens – it consists only of marine plants. Dugong chews algae with horny plates that grow on its upper and lower jaws. Together with three species of manatees, the dugong is among the sirens, which in the past was called a series of sea cows. The usual dugong is the only member of the Dugong family. This species has no subspecies.

Looking at the dugongs and manatees outwardly, it seems that they have much in common. However, in many respects they differ from each other.