What do flies eat ?

Flies – insects are almost omnivores. They are not so picky in the choice of food that they can consume any organic food.

In this article, the site “Predidelite.ru” will tell you in more detail about what products are most like to eat flies and how they do it.

Flies are toothless insects and they feed on a long proboscis, which performs certain functions in this process.

The proboscis itself is a language divided into 2 small tubes, through which flies and suck food.

Surprisingly, the taste buds of these insects are on the legs. So I taste the food they taste first, and then the proboscis takes it.

Hard food flies eat not so readily as liquid, because it first has to be moistened with the help of saliva, which they regurgitate from their small organism. And only after that the softened pieces of food get into the digestive system of pests.