What do garden snakes eat ?

Garden snakes are useful for the garden site. Garden snakes feed on toads, small rodents and moles, which are very harmful to your beds. If you are not afraid of these amphibians, then they can become your allies (if it’s about non-poisonous snakes). But remember that snakes like strawberries and strawberries.

You will have to choose: either you have a rich harvest of these berries, or snakes with honey coats destroy other pests.

The most important enemy of snakes is a hedgehog. Therefore, make sure that this prickly animal lives on your site. He will save you and other pests – moles, frogs, mice and rats. Few people think that hedgehogs are still predators capable of exterminating those who hinder your crop.

A small amount of alcohol (preferably – beer or wine) will make a real warrior from a hedgehog. Arrange a portion of the saucer with beer, and “taking on the chest” hedgehogs in a state of easy intoxication will destroy everyone who makes the slightest competition on their territory. This is the so-called “Hungarian way” of combating snakes, or “a drunk hedgehog.”