What do giant pandas eat ?

99% of the diet of a giant  panda are shoots and leaves of bamboo. On the day the animal eats from 13 kg to 30 kg of this plant. This weight corresponds to about 3500 stems of bamboo a day!

Such a fact is astonishing. The giant  panda has the digestive system of a carnivorous animal, but in the process of evolution began to replenish its vital resources almost exclusively through vegetarian food. Bamboo does not have a high energy value, so giant pandas have to digest food up to 12 hours a day.

Giant pandas also occasionally eat small amounts of fish, honey, eggs, leaves, fruits and root vegetables. You will be surprised, but from time to time pandas eat even small mammals and birds. This happens, of course, infrequently – they still need to be caught!

White head, with black circles around the eyes, black sleeves and collar, black ears and black tail play the role of disguise, and maybe patronage. Despite the massive nature of the body, the limbs of the panda are small.

This is the most secretive animal that leads a reclusive way of life, so it is studied less than all, and no one can tell exactly which panda the animal is. Reproduction in captivity happens rarely. Now this animal is listed in the Red Book. In China, a panda is a national treasure.