What do hippos eat ?

The basis of the diet of hippos is grass. To eat, the hippo comes out with the onset of twilight on land. He is ridden for 5-6 hours every night. Eats a hippopotamus relatively little, eating at a time up to 50 kg of grass, which is only 1-1.5% of its weight. They eat so little, because their intestines quickly absorb all the useful substances. Fruit of a sausage tree is a favorite treat for a hippopotamus in the wild.

Behemoth, although it spends most of its life in the water, but never eats algae and aquatic plants.

Hippopotamus, or as it is also called hippopotamus, is a river animal. In size it is the second land animal after the elephant. Its weight is more than 4 tons. In the wild, it is found only in Africa.

Behemoth refers to animals, whose numbers are rapidly shrinking. Therefore, in Africa, various measures are being taken to preserve this species.

Most of the life the hippo spends in the water and goes out on land to eat. The main habitat of the hippo is freshwater. Only occasionally they can be found in salty waters.