What do lions look like ?

Lions are large animals that resemble a cat in a physique. Their wool has several shades of red and brown. As a rule, the back is painted brown, the sides are reddish, and the legs are practically yellow (or white). Very rarely a lion’s female can have a white baby, that is, an albino. This phenomenon is very rare. Nevertheless, there are no black or gray lions in nature at all.

The lion is not difficult to distinguish from the lioness on the mane, which can cover the shoulders, chest and part of the back of the animal. It is believed that with her help, the lion frightens the enemies and attracts the lioness – the more magnificent and darker the mane, the more chances his beloved likes to have. In addition, the color of manes are different subspecies of the lion.

The female is much smaller than the male in body size. The male weighs about 190-230 kg (the record weight was about 270 kg), and the female is not more than 150 (the record weight was 180 kg). In this case, the male has a body length of more than three meters, and the female does not grow more than two and a half meters.

Lion is the representative of the cat family. This predatory mammal, inhabiting mainly in East and South Africa (very few lions survived in India), is considered one of the largest predatory animals. He is the tallest among the felines, and by weight is second only to the tiger. The weight of males can reach 250, and sometimes 300 kilograms. But the height in the shoulders (up to 123 centimeters), the lion is the record among cats.