What do mice hate ?

To fight mice in apartments, you can use not only chemicals and traps, but also folk remedies. Their advantages are that they are absolutely harmless to humans, but they do not kill mice, but only discourage them.

Use it as the main method, yet, it is not necessary, but in addition to other methods, smells help to quickly get rid of pesky pests.

The mice that live in apartment houses can not tolerate the smells of mint, wormwood, black-cherry, hazel grouse, milkweed, elderberry, black currant.

The main difficulty lies in the fact that the plants need to change over time, as their odor is eroded and the effect of folk remedies is weakened.

If none of the above described means suits you, then you can also pay attention to synthetic flavors that can be purchased (or ordered on the Internet) in most major cities.The main advantage of synthetic flavors is that a person does not sense their smell, and the mice feel it. They cost more than coriander or wormwood, but the effect is approximately the same.